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Building Defensible Space

FireSmart Landscaping

In late 2020, the Oregon wildfires caused nearly 500,000 residents of Clackamas county to be placed under an evacuation order. 

8,000 residents of Molalla were told to evacuate their homes immediately and had no idea if their home would still be there when allowed to return home.

Annually, the Month of May is designated for “National Wildfire Awareness”. With new homesites encroaching wildlands, a warming climate, and suspect forest management practices, everyday is the right day to think about ‘National Wildfire Awareness’ and how FireSmart by Andres Landscape can help get a plan in place.

Start Your FireSmart Design

Andres Landscape offers FireSmart designs so you have a plan to better protect your home. Start your landscape transition with FireSmart landscaping by Andres Landscape.

A Defensible Space Can Help Keep Your Home Safe from the Dangers of Unexpected Wildfires

FireSmart by Andres Landscape can help enhance your home's wildfire survival chances by:

1. Designing Defensible Space Landscape

2. Modifying your current landscape and creating Defensible Space around your home.

3. Maintaining your current landscape by utilizing Defensible Space guidelines.

designing space

Designing Space

modifying_current landscape

Modify Current Landscape


Fire Resistant Plants


Natural Firebreak

Please contact FireSmart by Andres Landscape to schedule an assessment of your property so that we can create a defensible space by:

  • Choosing beautiful fire-resistant plants
  • Strategically placing plants relative to existing hardscapes on your property
  • Creating natural firebreaks
  • Regularly maintaining your property to trim and clear vegetation that can act as fuel

Please contact Garrett Blunt at: or (503) 632-3366

Customer Review

My husband and I just had our front yard redone. After many years of weeds and dead grass we finally decided to just hire someone to make it perfect. We gave Andres Landscape full design control and let him and his team bring our yard back to life. They were professional, respectful and did an amazing job! If anyone is looking for yard maintenance, sprinkler systems, pavers path ways or just a full yard over haul this is the company to call. Thanks again to Andres and his team. Amazing work guys.

– Lisa Trump-Stevens

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